Diversity as an accelerator of profitability in companies

Diversity management is a challenge to which more and more companies are joining due to the strategic component it represents.

Diversity is a diverse and rising merit that allows us to create and grow. Having a diverse payroll in our organization allows us to add an extensive sequence of advantages. According to the 2021 Innodiversity Index, 60% of companies have dedicated more resources to diversity and innovation during the pandemic. Indeed, its management is a strategic element that is undergoing continuous evolution to provide a response to the “new” global vision.

“One of the post-pandemic consequences has been that many companies have put people, their well-being, and the development of new capacities to face challenges as the focal point of their strategy. In this context, organizations that have implemented good diversity and inclusion practices know that they have a competitive advantage to obtain better results because their work environments promote innovation, improve the work environment, allow them to better connect with their markets and other interest groups; as well as being more attractive to attract talent. There will come a time when to be a leader, you must first be inclusive,” said Fernando Gonzales, CEO and founder of Bigmond Group.

A Gartner study indicates that by 2022, 75% of organizations with top decision-making teams that have diverse members and adopt inclusive strategies will exceed financial goals.

Additionally, Bigmond Group. details the diversity trends that next year are sure to make organizations profitable:

  1. Evolving Remote Workforce: The position of an organization’s leader is to find effective ways to bridge the gap and minimize the challenges of the remote work model, which is here to stay.
  2. Expression of gender identity: In recent years, there has been a greater awareness of gender identities and expressions. The adoption of inclusive practices leads to better tolerance and respect.
  3. Multi-generational operational force: Today, there is an unprecedented diversity in the workforce. It is important for recruiters and leaders to recognize the skills and attributes of each generation
  4. Eliminate unconscious bias: Unconscious bias towards an individual or group affects relationships and the way we make decisions at work. The constant control and minimization of these biases must be ensured.
  5. The empowerment of equity and inclusion: Employers must keep in mind that equity and inclusion empower their employees, since everyone experiences equal opportunities and achievement as the main factor for growth.
  6. Diversity and Inclusion in the value chain: Companies must promote equal and tolerant spaces for all those who participate in the main and support activities to provide products or services.

In conclusion, incorporating diversity in our company will reinforce strategies, placing adequate solutions to the demands of users. Wealth is generated from a correct management of diversity.

Fuente: Info Capital Humano