How Much Does Management Matter to Productivity?

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Fuente: Standford Autor: Katia Savchuk More than you might realize. Research finds management practices account for 20% of variation in productivity among certain firms.   Why are some companies more productive than others? And why do certain divisions within those companies perform better than others do? Research has shown that top performers tend to invest more [...]

Why Some Rules Are More Likely to Be Broken

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Legal rules are in force to protect shareholders, employees, and consumers from risk. Many of the most notorious corporate accidents and failures have resulted from noncompliance with these rules. Consider the examples of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Wells Fargo’s account scandal, and even Chipotle’s foodborne illness outbreaks. Each of these cases originated with some sort of [...]

An Austin startup can 3D-print tiny homes in 24 hours for a fraction of the cost of traditional homebuilding — here’s how Icon could revolutionize affordable housing

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The number of affordable homes in the US is dwindling, and there isn't a lot of room to improve upon traditional home construction methods, especially when it comes to cutting costs, Loomis said. An Icon 3D-printed home at Community First in Austin. Robert Galbraith/Reuters So the team at Icon set out to reimagine how a [...]

El programa de Fuqua que aborda las problemáticas que enfrentan hombres y mujeres en el trabajo

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Fuente: América Economía Autor: Daniela Arce Algunas de las mujeres a las que estaba asesorando podían articular muy claramente los desafíos en el trabajo, que eran diferentes de lo que enfrentaban sus compañeros, sin embargo, no tenían los marcos académicos, la terminología o la investigación para poder explicar completamente sus experiencias”. Así explica Ashleigh Rosette, [...]

The Benefits of Framing Culture as a Management System

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Corporate culture is undergoing a transformation. As organizations evolve and reinvent themselves in response to societal changes, new technologies, and competitive disruption, they’re finding that hierarchical cultures of the past must change as well. And while the shape and impact of corporate culture is changing in the 21st century, the role it can play as [...]

Why Leaders Need to Care about Diversity

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The numbers tell the story of the challenge. While 90% of financial services firms claim to value diversity, “women still represent fewer than one in five positions in the financial-services C-suite,” according to a survey by McKinsey. The New York Times reported that “less than 10% of United States portfolio managers at mutual funds and [...]

BBVA Research: El riesgo del creciente crédito apalancado

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Fuente: Gestión Autor: María Rocamora y Cristina Varela, Economistas de BBVA Research El rápido desarrollo en los últimos años de los mercados de préstamos apalancados ha contribuido a la acumulación excesiva de endeudamiento empresarial en algunas economías avanzadas. El crédito apalancado (leveraged loans, por su término en inglés) es el otorgado a entidades con alto [...]

6 Steps Leaders Can Take to Get the Most Out of Feedback

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Fuente: Harvard Autor: Jennifer Porter Business publications are filled with articles about feedback: how important it is for leaders, how leaders can both give and receive it, what happens when leaders don’t get it, and even what to do if someone is not open to feedback they have been given. The focus tends to be [...]

Cómo administrar las finanzas de tu startup desde el primer día

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Fuente: América Economía Autor: Sebastian Medrano Gallo Iniciar una startup no es sencillo, se trata de un proyecto que debe tener un plan de negocios viable, objetivo y, sobre todo, una correcta administración en el tema financiero para catapultar tu idea hacia el éxito. En México, operan alrededor de cuatro millones de micro, pequeñas y [...]

Do Investors Really Care About Gender Diversity?

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Fuente: Stanford Autor: Katia Savchuk Shareholders penalize tech and finance companies for not hiring enough women, new research shows. In May 2014, Google caused shockwaves when it released its first report about workforce diversity. The numbers themselves were dismal: Just 30% of employees were women, only 3% were Hispanic, and 2% were black. Equally surprising [...]